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The name Gold Coast Realty Company is new to Ohio but the team behind the name has been in the business since 2006. Formally known as The Rothman Group under different brokerages, Gold Coast Realty Company opened with the intention of continuing to provide first-class property management service in Dayton area and expanding our services into the Cincinnati area. Our individualized attention to our Client’s needs has resulted in our continued growth with owners spread around the country and in several foreign nations. Most of our growth comes from referrals by current Clients and our presence in the property investor community. This approach and our commitment to hiring the best professionals have resulted in strong growth and long-lasting tenure in the area, making us one of the most respected and trusted local property management companies.

Our Team

  • Robert Rothman, Broker/Owner – since April 2018. Former Property Manager/Sales Agent September 2006 – April 2018 under Re/Max Resources/Exit Realty Partner/Roost Real Estate
  • Leah Frabott, Owner Agent of Gold Coast Management – September 2017. Previously part-time office assistance/leasing agent September 2006 - July 2009 and office manager/accountant July 2010 – August 2014
  • Raymond “Scott” Weber, Managing Agent – Joined December 2015
  • Jenna Cole, Managing Agent – joined fall of 2018
  • Matthew Hedges, Managing Agent – joined fall of 2019
  • Linda James, Managing Agent - Joined fall of 2022

Our Story

Robert started The Rothman Group in response to a need in the market for property managers who are properly licensed and understand investors. He and his wife Martha have been investors for many years. While as a CPA he purchased a six-unit apartment in Kettering and then proceeded to purchase, rehabbed, and rented single family homes in the Dayton area. The portfolio got too much for him and his family to manage on their own, so he hired a property manager who was recommended by other investors. He soon after discovered that this property manager was not licensed as required by Ohio. Also, this manager was not very diligent in their practices. Tenants were placed that were not properly screened and the maintenance work was questionable. The portfolio took a hit financially and it took months to recover. Robert found out about what the law required and quickly filed with the Ohio Real Estate Commission. He encouraged others to also file who had entrusted their properties with this manager. After the dust settled, Robert investigated the requirements for getting his real estate license. He figured that he could do a better job and he would enjoy doing the work. In 2006, he, his wife, and his daughter, Leah, all got their real estate licenses and joined Re/Max Resources creating The Rothman Group. At the end of 2006, Robert left his job as a CPA and became a full-time property manager.

The Rothman Group remained with Re/Max Resources through the Great Recession. They saw many agents leave the industry as sales dried up. The thriving office of hundreds of agents became a small brokerage that needed to restructure. The remaining broker decided to leave Re/Max and joined Exit Realty changing the office to Exit Realty Partners. The Rothman Group remained as the main property managing group and shared their knowledge with other agents in the office that were also doing property management along with sales since there were owners who could not sell their properties but had to leave the area. During these years, the broker covered the property management group as required by law but left the property management team to their own business and only asked for a flat rate of monthly commissions to cover the office expense. In 2015, the brokerage changed to Roost Real Estate when it joined with another brokerage in Springfield. Soon after an agent was found in violation of the property management regulations. The two brokers decided at this time that all property management would be combined. This forced The Rothman Group to pay a portion of their management fees to the brokerage and they lost control over how the properties were managed. The relationships built over the years with the owners and the tenants were strained. Robert was left working harder and being compensated less.

During these years, Robert was the heart of the group with Martha helping with leasing the properties. Leah pursued college full time and helped in the office and showed properties when she was available. In 2010, Leah returned to assist Robert in the office part-time with the accounting work as she pursued her accounting degree. She left once more in 2014 when she was offered an accounting position with a corporate property management company. In September of 2017, Leah left her corporate accounting position and returned to The Rothman Group as the chief operations officer. She saw the state of the group and encouraged Robert to pursue his broker’s license and open a brokerage of his own.

On April 20, 2018, The Rothman Group became Gold Coast Realty Company. For three years Robert lead the company and passed on his knowledge to Leah and the managing agents. The focus of the company moved from Robert being the heart to Leah and the managing agents running the day to day activities. On January 1st, 2021 Robert decided to retire from property management and handed over the business to Leah. Robert remained a licensed broker and continued to do some sales on his own, In April of that year Leah, Scott, Jenna, and Matthew moved over to Keller Williams Community Partners and became the property management arm of the brokerage. Leah took an administrative position in the group while the agents took on the active managing part of the business. This seemed to work at first but not long after it was clear that Leah could not remain in the passive role since the team looked to her to guidance. At the end of January 2022, Leah became a licensed agent once more and took an active role in advising and managing major decisions. In April of 2022 the relationship with Keller Williams quickly ended and Robert returned as the broker of Gold Coast Realty Company. Leah continued to manage the property management side as the owner of Gold Coast Management. Today, property management still remains the focus of the company, but sales have grown in the last two years even more so the separation of sales and property management is fitting.

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